David K.A. Mordecai was Invited to Speak at the American Association of State Compensation Insurance Funds (AASCIF) 2015 CEO Conference

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David K.A. Mordecai was invited to speak at the American Association of State Compensation Insurance Funds (AASCIF) 2015 CEO Conference on November 10, 2015 at the Bellagio Hotel in Las Vegas, NV. He addressed the CEOs of over 20 Workers’ Compensation Insurance companies, delivering a presentation on Business Process Enhancements Along Intersections in the Insurance (and Reinsurance) Value-Chain, including a proposed long haul trucking pilot integrating ancillary data streams (e.g. telematics, wearable technology, Internet-of-Things (IoT) sensor networks and satellite remote sensing).

David Mordecai is President of Risk Economics and advises research activities at RiskEcon® Lab for Decision Metrics @ Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences NYU.


The American Association of State Compensation Insurance Funds, is an association of workers’ compensation insurance companies from 26 different states, in an addition to 8 workers’ compensation boards in Canada. In the US, these companies, loosely referred to as state funds, each specialize in writing workers’ compensation insurance in a single state. Some of these companies operate as private insurance companies, whereas others act as agencies of their respective state governments. In Canada, all workers’ compensation insurance is provided through workers’ compensation boards, which have complete jurisdictional and administrative powers related to workers’ compensation in their respective provinces.

About Risk Economics, Inc.

Risk Economics specializes in economic analysis of risk and liability. It provides advisory services at the intersection of commercial business-process engineering and risk engineering with a particular focus on coupling commercial reinsurance and financial technology, through the rigorous application of agent-based, demographic, and statistical methodologies to microeconomic and macroeconomic analytics.

The Risk Economics® client roster is diverse and includes governmental and quasi-governmental agencies, global insurance and reinsurance firms, leading law firms, technology firms, global banking institutions, asset management firms, multinational corporations with interests in natural resources, commodities, and energy, as well as government agencies and regulators.