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The mission of RiskEcon® Lab @ Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences NYU is the development of experimental testbeds and analytics that employ high-dimensional datasets from innovative sources by applying a range of computational and analytical methods to commercial and industrial sensor networks and edge computing embedded systems, focusing primarily on research and development (R&D) of remote and compressed sensing, anomaly detection, forensic analytics and statistical process control. By employing applied computational statistics within the context of robust and scalable data analytic solutions, a primary goal is robust and reliable integration of machine learning with signal processing for measurement and control, in order to conduct research fundamental to large-scale, real-world questions in risk and liability management in the public interest.

Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences NYU is a leading center for research and education in mathematics and computer science. Founded by Richard Courant in 1935, for over eighty years, Courant Institute has contributed to U.S. and international science and engineering by promoting an integrated view of mathematics and computation. The research activities are broad, covering many areas of mathematics and computer science, as well as the application of these disciplines to problems in the biological, physical, and social sciences.

Journal of Risk Finance
The Journal of Risk Finance, an Emerald publication, provides a rigorous forum for the publication of high quality peer-reviewed theoretical and empirical research articles, by both academic and industry experts, related to financial risks and risk management.