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David K.A. Mordecai is President and Co-Founder of Risk Economics. As Practice Lead for the Risk Economics® litigation, regulation and arbitration expert advisory practice, Dr. Mordecai serves as an expert on (i) loss causation and economic damages related to liability from operational and model risk, machine testimony, algorithmic bias, as well as (ii) the analysis of computational and digital forensics, (iii) market structure, (iv) financial institutions governance, (v) complex issues related to finance, economics and market standards and practices within securities, derivatives, reinsurance, and commodities markets, as well as (vi) industrial engineering, economics and market structure across a diverse range of non-financial industry sectors.

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Samantha Kappagoda is Chief Economist and Co-Founder of Risk Economics. As lead for the RiskEcon® Macroeconomics and Portfolio Strategy practice, her primary focus is development of analysis for modeling trends and patterns across global asset classes, markets, regions, sectors and industries. Her areas of expertise include leading portfolio strategy for foreign exchange, fixed income, commodities, and capital markets activity as well as econometric time-series and longitudinal analyses of business cycle dynamics, retail consumer behavior, real estate and housing markets, consumption spending and labor income, income distribution related to health, aging, retirement, population and immigration, and other demographic and socioeconomic indicators.