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Data science combines multiple fields, including statistics, scientific methods, artificial intelligence, and data analysis, to extract value from data. Those who practice data science are called data scientists, and they combine a range of skills to analyze data collected from the web, smartphones, customers, sensors, and other sources to derive actionable insights.

Data science encompasses preparing data for analysis, including cleansing, aggregating, and manipulating the data to perform advanced data analysis. Analytic applications and data scientists can then review the results to uncover patterns and enable business leaders to draw informed insights.

David K.A. Mordecai was a Speaker on Big Data Management at RAA Cat Risk Management 2015 Conference

David K.A. Mordecai was a Speaker on Big Data Management at RAA Cat Risk Management 2015 Conference

David K.A. Mordecai was invited to speak at the Reinsurance Association of America (RAA) Cat Risk Management 2015 Conference. He made a presentation entitled Big Data Management: Scalable Data Analytics and Forensic RiskTech for Reinsurers as the Strategic Response to Opportunities and Threats. David K.A. Mordecai is President and Co-founder of Risk Economics, a New York City based advisory firm.

David K.A. Mordecai was a Speaker on Big Data Management at RAA Cat Risk Management 2015 Conference

About RAA
RAA, headquartered in Washington, D.C., is the leading trade association of property and casualty reinsurers doing business in the U.S. RAA is committed to promoting a regulatory environment that ensures the industry remains globally competitive and financially robust. RAA membership is diverse, including reinsurance underwriters and intermediaries licensed in the U.S. and those that conduct business on a cross border basis. RAA represents its members before state, federal and international bodies.

About Risk Economics
Risk Economics specializes in the application of computational economics to the proprietary development and scalable implementation of robust modeling and data analytic frameworks for valuation, strategic and systemic risk analysis, and dynamic asset-liability management.

As lead for the Risk Economics® litigation and arbitration advisory practice, David K.A. Mordecai serves as an expert on loss causation and economic damages related to market structure, financial institutions governance, and complex issues related to finance, economics and market standards and practices within securities, derivatives, reinsurance, and commodities markets, as well as market structure within a broad range of non-financial industry sectors. His expertise includes financial engineering, the valuation of fixed income securities and structured products, including over-the-counter derivatives (in particular fixed income and credit derivatives), complex insurance and reinsurance liabilities, as well as asset liability and risk management models and practices. Having testified extensively at deposition, trial, arbitration and international arbitration, David Mordecai has been admitted as an expert in federal, state and county courts, and cited favorably in court decisions. For more information, visit:

David K.A. Mordecai served as Director of the First NYU Center for Data Science Capstone Program

David K.A. Mordecai served as Director of the First NYU Center for Data Science Capstone Program

David K.A. Mordecai served as Director of the first NYU Center for Data Science (NYUCDS) Capstone graduate applied research program in its inaugural year, subsequent to participating as an active member of the working group for NYUCDS at its inception. Michael O’Neil, Professor of Mathematics at Courant Institute and Tandon Engineering served as co-instructor for the Capstone.

Dr. Mordecai had previously been interviewed earlier in the year about the upcoming course by NYU Local for an article entitled Artificial Intelligence, Sans ScarJo’s Sultry Voice, Coming To NYU. He was also interviewed for a documentary on NYUCDS, and featured in articles in the Columbus Dispatch, KD Nuggets and Daily News.

David K.A. Mordecai served as Director of the First NYU Center for Data Science Capstone Program

David Mordecai is President and Co-Founder of Risk Economics® and Visiting Scholar at Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences NYU, advising research activities at RiskEcon® Lab for Decision Metrics @ Courant Institute.  RiskEcon® Lab provided seed funding for senior staffing of NYUCDS prior to the award of the Moore-Sloan Grant.

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Risk Economics Announces a Name Change

Risk Economics Limited is pleased to announce a name change to Risk Economics, Inc., effective immediately.

Risk Economics® provides advisory services and testimonial expertise on complex issues related to financial instrument valuation models and frameworks, market and industry standards and practices for the financing, risk management, active trading, and hedging of OTC derivatives and structured products. Risk Economics also applies rigorous analytics to large-scale real world geopolitical and socio-economic issues relating to demographics and macroeconomics, including domains within labor, housing, consumer behavior, resource allocation, global population, immigration, environment, health and aging.

In order to engage in research and development, and commercialization of scalable analytics, structures and sourcing across the data value-chain, Risk Economics organizes and coordinates interdisciplinary technical teams to deliver high dimensional and computationally-intensive analytics that capitalize upon inherent and often complex relationships underlying consumer and commercial activities across various forensics, insurance, healthcare, life sciences, and retail sectors.

As an outsourced R&D platform for engineering fully-integrated systems/process management frameworks throughout the data value-chain, Risk Economics conducts the following activities:

  • Custom analytics, domain specific diligence and technical advisory services
  • R&D and commercialization of data science technology
  • Portfolio sub-advisory arrangements related to incubation and co-investment strategies for data science innovations

To facilitate in the development of analytics and semantic libraries that employ high-dimensional datasets to integrate conventional data with web-enabled demographic biometric, psychometric and socio-metric data from innovative sources, Risk Economics has established the RiskEcon® Lab for Decision Metrics @ Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences at New York University.