Risk Economics Announces a Name Change

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Risk Economics Limited is pleased to announce a name change to Risk Economics, Inc., effective immediately.

Risk Economics® provides advisory services and testimonial expertise on complex issues related to financial instrument valuation models and frameworks, market and industry standards and practices for the financing, risk management, active trading, and hedging of OTC derivatives and structured products. Risk Economics also applies rigorous analytics to large-scale real world geopolitical and socio-economic issues relating to demographics and macroeconomics, including domains within labor, housing, consumer behavior, resource allocation, global population, immigration, environment, health and aging.

In order to engage in research and development, and commercialization of scalable analytics, structures and sourcing across the data value-chain, Risk Economics organizes and coordinates interdisciplinary technical teams to deliver high dimensional and computationally-intensive analytics that capitalize upon inherent and often complex relationships underlying consumer and commercial activities across various forensics, insurance, healthcare, life sciences, and retail sectors.

As an outsourced R&D platform for engineering fully-integrated systems/process management frameworks throughout the data value-chain, Risk Economics conducts the following activities:

  • Custom analytics, domain specific diligence and technical advisory services
  • R&D and commercialization of data science technology
  • Portfolio sub-advisory arrangements related to incubation and co-investment strategies for data science innovations

To facilitate in the development of analytics and semantic libraries that employ high-dimensional datasets to integrate conventional data with web-enabled demographic biometric, psychometric and socio-metric data from innovative sources, Risk Economics has established the RiskEcon® Lab for Decision Metrics @ Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences at New York University.