Samantha Kappagoda was Included in “Directors to Watch” by Directors & Boards

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Samantha Kappagoda, Chief Economist of Risk Economics, Inc. and Independent Director of Credit Suisse Funds, has been included in “Directors to Watch” in the Directors & Boards 2024 public company boardroom gender diversity issue. Her governance and operating experience was featured in this special issue alongside twenty other directors serving on the boards of public/listed entities.

For this special issue, Samantha was asked for her viewpoint on emerging issues for corporate directors:

“Corporations are currently at an inflection point in the adoption of artificial intelligence and other emerging technologies. Corporate directors must navigate trade-offs between prospective competitive advantage of early adoption versus corresponding risk and liability implications. In addition, directors should explore prudent technology adoption policies coupled with cybersecurity oversight, beta testing and periodic testing for the hybrid workplace environment, and also consider the talent management pipeline for skilled technical employees and the role of upskilling. The accelerating pace of innovation dictates that directors should remain current by exercising diligence, vigilance and prudence as AI and emerging technologies continue to develop.”

Directors & Boards is a leading publication focused on corporate governance and board-management best practices. MLR Media, the publisher of Directors & Boards, provides public and private company directors, leaders and owners of multi-generational family businesses and C-suite executives with knowledge and skills to be successful in their roles.

Samantha Kappagoda was Profiled as a Director to Watch by Directors & Boards

Samantha Kappagoda currently serves as an Independent Director / Trustee, Nominating Committee Chair, and Audit Committee Member of Credit Suisse Mutual Funds, which are comprised of two closed-end funds (NYSE: DHY and CIK) and six open-end funds investing in commodity, quantitative and high yield and credit strategies. She is also Chief Economist and Co-Founder of Risk Economics® and Visiting Scholar at Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences NYU, advising research activities at RiskEcon® Lab for Decision Metrics @ Courant Institute.

About Risk Economics, Inc.
Risk Economics® specializes in economic analysis of risk and liability. It provides advisory services at the intersection of commercial business-process engineering and risk engineering with a particular focus on coupling commercial reinsurance and financial technology, through the rigorous application of agent-based, demographic, and statistical methodologies to microeconomic and macroeconomic analysis. The RiskEcon® client roster is diverse and includes governmental and quasi-governmental agencies, global insurance and reinsurance firms, leading law firms, technology firms, global banking institutions, asset management firms, multinational corporations with interests in natural resources, commodities, and energy, as well as government agencies and regulators. For additional information, please visit